HANDs Series

Brand new concert and workshop series devised by Rosie and Dori!

Percussion is an intrinsically tactile experience. The instruments involved demand such versatility from the player’s hands, from harsh strikes all the way through to gentle strokes. The sound worlds and physicality at hand has always fascinated the creators from Beaten Track, leading them to take their exploration onto the stage.

Hands Up

-Concert programme

By hitting, scraping, rubbing and shaking numerous different and unusual instruments our hands are constantly in motion. Hands Up is a musical and theatrical experience fusing delicate finger taps through to big scale body movements. Ethnic instruments and electronics are paired in new combinations alongside classical xylophones and childrens’ toys. Come with us on a journey to see and hear percussion in ways you have not experienced before! Programme includes commissions from the UK and New Zealand as well as favourites by Mauricio Kagel and Steve Reich.

Hands On

-Companion workshop

Percussion is instantly accessible to all ages- easy to grasp yet challenging to master. We cant wait to share our passion for percussion and allow you to get up close and Hands On with instruments and body percussion. We’ll stretch your creativity using a mixture of rhythmic games, song and ensemble music making. In no time you will devise music to be proud of. We have extensive experience curating and delivering workshops in classical and world music. Hands On is especially suitable to school groups or community centers where the whole family can get involved.

If you have a particular interest and would love a bespoke experience we’re happy to create one just for you!